Colors Of Him

I wrote this poem about my husband, and there is a lot of symbolism here.  It may sound kind of simple, but there is more to it than meets the eye.  Our personality types are vastly different, and this poem explores the various facets of him and his personality, and how this clashes/meshes with mine.


He is blue,
Like the mysterious ocean,
with depths no one can reach.
It’s waters in constant motion,
Waves crashing on the beach.

He is white,
Like a blinding light,
Illuminating the cracks in my heart,
My every weakness shining bright,
Unraveling, then falling apart.

He is red-
Like a raging fire,
With embers glowing hot.
Burning me with desire,
Consuming all I’ve got.

He is silver-
Like the moon hanging in the sky,
So unattainable, so far away,
Looking down on me from up high.
Glowing, magical, daring me to play.

He is brown-
Like the hawk that guards the skies,
Hunting down it’s prey with ease,
Swift and silent as he flies,
Wild and free over the trees.

He is Golden-
Like a morning sunrise,
A new day, a fresh start.
Like the glimmer in his eyes,
And the warmth he gives my heart.




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