Dreams of the Week

Two of my latest dreams, and my thoughts on them.  If you are good with dream interpretation, feel free to add your 2 cents!

Dream 1:
My husband, son and I had moved to Argentina.  We were happily exploring our new city, and I stumbled across a dance studio (I used to be a ballet dancer and my love of dance is something that pops up in my dreams quite often).  I glanced longingly at the quaint studio, and kept walking, knowing my husband has no interest in such things and would be bored if I stopped.  As if reading my mind, he stopped me right in front of it.  He encouraged me to go in, and I was very taken aback by this.  So I went inside briefly to get more information before we went on our way.  At the end of the shop-lined street, we stopped.  I was holding the baby, and my husband randomly insisted on painting my toenails.  For some reason, he was going out of his way to pamper me that day and I was starting to wonder if he was sick or something.  He pulled out a paint brush, the kind you’d use to paint a house, and red nail polish.  “How on earth is he going to do a decent job of painting my toe nails with that big ol’ thing?” I wondered to myself.  (Oddly enough, in the dream it never occurred to me how strange it was that he’d paint my nails right there on the street like that).  Next thing I know, I am looking down at my toes, and he couldn’t have done a more perfect job.  It looked like I had just walked out of a nail salon.  I was pleasantly surprised, and quite impressed.  He stood in front of me and said, “I found a house for us, but it’s small.  I am so afraid you will leave me if you don’t like the house.”  He looked genuinely worried.  I was shocked at his admission, as that thought had never even occurred to me.  As a matter of fact, it could not have been more opposite of how I felt.  He was so worried he was almost in tears!  I took his hand and said, “As long as the three of us are together, I am home.”  I could almost see the burden lifting off his shoulders.  With our son on my hip, we continued on our walk, and into our new life together in a strange city. 

—-Funny thing is, this dream predicted future events, and I had no idea until those events occurred.  We had a similar conversation a few days after this dream.  I have had multiple dreams that have predicted the future, but I never know it until the thing actually happens in real life.  I dreamed about a plane crash once, and saw the exact same plane crash on the news days later.  It was like deja vu.  I had watched the news thinking, “Where have I seen this before?” and then it hit me:  my dreams predicted it.  It is a very eerie feeling. My dreams have also predicted that I was pregnant before I had any clue, and that my baby was going to be a boy.—

Dream 2:
I am sitting on the couch watching Netflix, when my stomach starts to feel funny.  I blew it off as something I ate not agreeing with me, and this is what I told my husband, who was sitting next to me.  But then I could see my stomach move.  Was my dinner literally fighting back? The movement got stronger, and I suddenly knew exactly what it was: a baby.  I was pregnant and had no idea until that very moment.  How on earth had I gone that long without noticing?  I was completely shocked.  My mind was reeling with all the things I should and shouldn’t have been doing all of this time.  I remained calm, and didn’t say anything to my husband.  I wanted to take a test first, just to be sure.  So I did–positive.  I felt sick.  I was so afraid of his reaction.  We had just talked about waiting to have a second baby, and I did not feel ready for another one just yet.  How would we afford this?  I approached him to give him the news, and the dream ended before I could.  I woke up with my hands across my belly, like I had been feeling the baby move.  I had to remind myself for a few minutes that it was just a dream before I could go back to sleep.

A good friend of mine is pregnant with her second, and the day before this dream, she had been telling me about feeling the baby moving.  As much as I would love to have a second child, my husband and I both would rather wait until our son is a little older.  Thankfully, this dream did NOT predict the future.  🙂  I do miss being pregnant and having a newborn, since my son is one now.  I am guessing this dream is my mind’s way of sorting out my mixed feelings on this.  I have so many friends that are expecting at the moment, so it’s no wonder it has been on my mind.—


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