Bio: Welcome to my blog- my outlet, my randomness, and a place to write poetry, rants, quotes, etc. It all started when I took the MBTI personality test and found out my type is INFJ, which is the rarest one. When I read the description I felt like someone had finally put words to everything I thought was “wrong” with me. I read a blog written by a fellow INFJ and it was so healing to know someone else out there understood. That inspired me to start one of my own, in hopes that someone else can feel that too, and know that they aren’t alone in the world. My goal is to grow and mature, making my personality type work for me instead of against me, and to strengthen my weaknesses. However, I am not totally defined by my personality type..I am also a mom, wife, dog lover, music fanatic, writer at heart, chocoholic, lover of all things dance & ballet, and I love getting to know people. I would love to "meet" more writers, moms, poets and of course, INFJs! I look forward to your feedback. Happy blogging!

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  1. When I saw your username, I was wondering if that was your MBTI type. After reading your About page, I found out I was right. I took my MBTI test this year and I’m ISFJ (the only one in my class haha)! I have some classmates who are INFJ like you. 🙂

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