Poetry Set On Fire

Some people listen to music and all they hear are guitars, pianos and drums.  I hear beyond the obvious…like the raw emotion in the singer’s voice.  Actually, I more than hear it, I can feel it.  I feel the emotion conveyed by the instruments combined with the voices and the nuances in the song.  It’s a beautiful combination of art and emotion.  It’s taking something sad and making it beautiful, like poetry set on fire. I like a lot of “sad”, melancholy music;  It’s something real in a fake world.  Maybe that’s why I listen to it so often..to feel something real.  Sometimes, song lyrics are the only thing that can put words to what I am feeling, and suddenly I understand myself better. 
Here are a few of my favorite singers/bands:

-Coldplay (the new album is amazing!)

-London Grammer (Hey Now and Strong are my faves)

-Lovelife (Their newest music is great, and Invisible and Exhaler are favorites from their old stuff)


-Ellie Golding

-Semi Precious Weapons (Aviation High and Healer)

-Imagine Dragons


-Of Monsters and Men

-Mumford and Sons

-Drake (surprisingly, there are R&B hip-hoppy songs out there that convey more emotion than you’d think.  Drake has some good ones)

-Bastille (Love the lyrics on Pompeii)



-Zedd (Sounds mainstream, but I really like the lyrics and enjoy the upbeat sound)

-Avicii (Mostly just Hey Brother and Wake Me Up)


-Mazzy Star

-Shiny Toy Guns (I love their Major Tom cover, and there are plenty of hidden gems if you give them a listen)

Even seemingly upbeat songs can be deceiving-if you listen closely, sometimes there is more to it.